21 May 2012

If the shoe fits, fix it

Peter & Sons Shoe Repair, South Windermere, Charleston, S.C.

It surprises and makes me happy that we still have shoe repair shops. It reminds me that we don't throw everything out as soon as it is worn. Also, I really like hand painted signs and shoe repair shops seem to specialize in them. To find this one I walked all the way to South Windermere Plaza on Saturday morning to see how long it would take. I am finding all the places that are within reasonable walking distance of my new house. This would make more sense on a bike but I'll figure that out in good time.

Peter must have quite a few sons because there is a Peter & Sons Luggage Repair Shop next door.  Googling the company for the link I came across a Yelp website with a few good reviews and it made my blood boil yet again at the article I read recently about Yelp calling to pressure business owners into paying for them to remove negative ads. I do hope that isn't true. I've always enjoyed Yelp reviews.

Near by I also spotted a mini me joggling board for Waldo! Cute.  Soon I will be able to provide him with a map of every joggling board in the lowcountry and he can coordinate official tours.


Kate said...

There are fewer and fewer of these small family businesses anymore. End of an era, Joan. LOVE the fern; I'm trying to resusitate two of mine that had been beautiful years ago, but housesitters (my son) did not sweet-talk to them as often as I. Alas, they look pretty sick but that's the price one pays for travelling!!

Charlestonjoan said...

That isn't a bad price to pay for all your adventures I think :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you're enjoying your exploring of your new neighborhood. I've been a resident of West Ashley for 38 years now of my 65 I'm proud to say.

Waldo Lydecker's Journal said...

For the coming Joggling Board Tour I dare say I will need my boots resoled! I certainly hope you'll joggle the other end of one or two with me-