04 April 2012

Say "Amen"

Amen Street, Charleston, S.C.
Uhoh. I should be in bed, shouldn't I? I get a second wind around 11 p.m. and want to keep going.

Amen Street is a seafood restaurant on East Bay St. I had to keep clicking until the sign spun so you could read it. I was trying to remember why it was called "Amen St." and came across this bit of history from their website: 
Amen Street and 205 East Bay Street:Amen Street began as Wragg’s Alley, a small passage through Samuel Wragg’s property, running from East Bay to Motte Street (now part of State Street). By 1788, Wragg’s Alley had been extended westward to Church Street and renamed Amen Street. According to tradition this name was given because “amens” could often be heard from two nearby churches – St. Philip’s and the Methodist Meeting House. In 1839, Amen Street was absorbed into the widened and extended throughway, Cumberland Street. Unfortunately from that time until now the colorful name had disappeared.

Go get some oysters, kids! 


Catalyst said...


Kate said...

Interesting bit of history, Joan. Left St. Augustine this morning and had a very hard time finding a place in Savannah. We'e safely tucked into a tiny little historical house. Going to Charleston after Easter and will try to find something then! Whew i guess I'll have to say a few Amens of my own.

Charlestonjoan said...

Oysters any which way! I had a nice lunch there but I don't think I had oysters.

Charlestonjoan said...

Kate! You are getting closer! My email is: charlestonjoan@gmail.com. Let me know when you are arriving. Hopefully we can get together.

Jess said...

Teaching me stuff I don't know about my own town. I love these little facts!

Charlestonjoan said...

Me too!