09 April 2012

Bring me to a Travel Agent!

McIntosh Travel, Society St., Charleston, S.C.
It isn't a travel agency anymore but this building on Society St. still has the McIntosh Travel agency sign hanging and it reminded me of this picture below that I took years ago.

There must have been a child in the family helping to promote business. "Mcintosh Travle. The Numer One Cruise Line"  and the picture of the black cat says "Please bring me to a travel Agent!" Cute :)

I didn't mean to travel more than a few inches from my couch this evening but after a lazy dinner of potato pancakes (yum, yum)  my legs seemed to decide they were going for a march with or without me so I tagged along and we did the King, Meeting, Broad St. loop. Now I am wide awake again.