12 March 2012

Respecting the tree

Tree, Ashley Ave., Charleston, S.C.
I love it that they respected this tree enough to simply divide the one way street around it. Thank you! I grin to myself and say, "cool!" every time I drive this way.

Edit: I won't pass by with such a careless smile next time. Comments steered me to the possibility that this was the tree that Denmark Vesey was hung from.  The Post & Courier had this to say: 

Today, the patch of green in the middle of Ashley Avenue at Fishburne Street is hardly noticed by drivers and pedestrians. Few are familiar with the story of the "Hanging Tree," the place where Denmark Vesey likely was executed in 1822 for his role in an interrupted slave revolt. The tree, a symbol of violence and oppression, refers to the politics of fear, a certain "way of life" in the South that demanded a uniquely American response. That response culminated with the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s with Martin Luther King Jr.'s eloquent appeals for justice.
 This link has a picture of an earlier tree in 1939.  Thanks for the input folks. I learn something every day.