22 February 2012

Heart Healthy Tips Circa 1972

Just for fun, these are some heart healthy tips from the Farmers' Almanac 1972 sponsored by J. Henry Stuhr, Funeral Chapel.  Truthfully they seem a little dated even for 1972 but perhaps they kept reprinting year after year without updating. I can live with these! Hi ho, hi ho, it's the lazy life for me!
Heart Healthy Tips - Circa 1972
 Don't run or walk fast to catch anything - train, bus, streetcar of any other vehicle.
Don't walk against a high wind as this throws an extra strain on the heart.
Don't do anymore climbing than is necessary.
Slow up - use moderation in everything you do. 
Get out of bed slowly.
Cut down the speed at which you work or work for shorter hours is possible.
Go to bed early. Take a nap, or at least lie down during the afternoon.
Maintain a serene, optimistic outlook on life. Accept the situation and adjust to it cheerfully.