01 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Riverland Terrace, James Island, S.C.
Ugggh. I've picked up the nasty cold virus that is going around  and was relieved I didn't have to do much today. I sound awful. Cough, sniff.

I did drag myself out of my favorite couch corner this afternoon to walk through Riverland Terrace. It's a lovely neighborhood of reasonably sized cottages, oak lined streets, close to the water and my favorite theater.

I had just started my walk when I was waved over by a gentleman who lifted a drape covering this vintage Harley like a magician revealing a treasure. He'd brought her down in boxes from Ohio and reassembled her lovingly. He was a widower of three years. He was the "Top Dawg" painted on the side and his wife's name "Cheech" was still on the back. Cheech used to enjoy riding behind him.

I had surely walked right into a New Year's resolution in action.  Get the bike ready to ride. Talk to women. Life goes on.

Happy New Year, Top Dawg. I think you are going to be okay.