20 January 2012

Amuse Me

Muse, Society St., Charleston, S.C.
Isn't it pretty? The flowers are still blooming and it looked so pretty and European I couldn't help grabbing a shot as I walked by. It is the upper porch of Muse restaurant on Society St.

Who schedules a meeting at 3 p.m. on a Friday? Sigh. Made me miss my regular Friday matinee although I reckon that is what I get paid for, and I am grateful for that.

I also missed Stephen Colbert at the College of Charleston. Lots of photos being added to this article in the Post & Courier. Go Stephen!

I am getting together with a gang of women friends who worked at the hospital. All but three of the group has retired so I'll listen to them going on about their fun day trips, frequent vacations and midweek lunches while I keep plugging along. Just kidding ;)  I love 'em dearly. I made dessert. See ya ladies!