18 January 2012

1600 Meeting St.

1600 Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
1600 Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
It is an eye catching building, no doubt, sitting abandoned for years in a mostly industrial section of upper Meeting St. I was aware of it because I am always sneaking up that way to wander around Magnolia Cemetery.

At a recent Pecha Kucha evening, it was presented as the anchor of a future "creative corridor". More information here: 1600 Meeting and on their facebook page. I still can't tell if anything is really happening there or if it is all simply a cool concept. The sign suggests that the last incarnation of the building was some kind of Antique store.

I walked up the block to throw the giant wooden cross in just to impress you. :))

Bed time, kids. I have two Tres Leches Boston Cream cakes cooling and the house smells delicious. Yum.