14 December 2011

What to buy your best pal Charleston for a holiday gift?

King St., Charleston, S.C.
Got any holiday loot left over? Buy your best pal Charleston a present! Charleston Moves passes on instructions on how to make a donation that will be pooled to buy much needed bike racks for the city. Check here: Charleston Moves: Help Jumpstart the City of Charleston's Bike Rack Fund.
The Charleston Green Committee wants to quickly raise $2,600 to kick start the City of Charleston's Bike Rack Fund. This fund will pay for 14 bike racks which the City has committed to install at no cost.

Each rack costs $180 and will be put in locations which will encourage more biking & less driving. Your donation will be combined with others to leverage this purchase.

DONATE NOW in any denomination by going to: http://www.charlestongreencommittee.com/donate.html

Please be sure to designate that your donation go to THE CHARLESTON GREEN COMMITTEE. The deadline is 12/31/11.
It's a great idea and long over due. The only catch is that the bike racks they picture are pretty boring. How about one like this? I took this giant bike, bike rack picture in Portland, Oregon.  Fun!