08 December 2011

Retro sign - Rita's

Rita's, Folly Beach
Photo from a recent visit to Rita's on Folly Beach. I am not enjoying it getting dark so early. It's pretty much impossible for me to get home, grab a bite to eat and get out for a walk while it is still light. It seems almost unreasonable to go out for a good walk when it is pitch dark. Blah. Hopefully I can get out this weekend and freshen up my Charleston photo album with some Christmas in the lowcounty shots.

I arrived home to find the police at my door today. They were making rounds in the neighborhood after the recent suspected arson fire on my street. There has been a string of arson fires in old Charleston houses in recent years but this is the first time one has been as far south as Vanderhorst St. and I don't like it. I'd really like them to catch the person doing this. They are all set in the middle of the night and mostly seem to be in rental properties. It's left me thinking of escape routes from the house and wondering if I could get out of my window if necessary.


fragilewisdom said...

I positively detest that it gets dark so early now! I hope you get some good pics this weekend. I don't blame you for being disturbed about the arson but it is good that you are thinking ahead just in case!

Kate said...

The idea of arson is terribly frightening, Knowing one's escape route is always a good idea.

Marcheline said...

Great shot... reminds me of one of my all-time faves, Rita Hayworth. 8-)

Charlestonjoan said...

fragilewisdom - Thanks. Maybe I should by a rope ladder.

Kate - this has been going on for years. The police are really trying to solve it.

Marcheline - YES!

Jack said...

Sorry to read about the arson in your neighborhood. It is a frightening thought. Use whatever precautions are reasonable and, yes, be sure you have thought about how to get out.

Charlestonjoan said...

Jack - Thanks. I picture jumping from my bedroom window on to the palm tree outside. I don't think I'd make it!