23 December 2011

Sheepman's Graffiti Panels, Folly Road

Sheepmans Graffiti Panels, Folly Rd., Charleston, S.C.
It's been a while since I checked in on Sheepman's graffiti panels in the back of the Buffalo South plaza on Folly Rd. I was worried that they might have been defaced. Someone might have sprayed graffiti on the graffiti. This artist was given permission to paint so we can wallow in the enjoyment of his art.

The shopping center that used to be abandonded is now active and the parking lot is full of boats for sale but I was pleased to find the gaffiti panels still looked fresh and good and some pieces had been updated since my last visit. This is a shrine for worshippers of graffiti art and there are lots of images online.  Holler if you need directions. I think most photographers have found it by now.