04 December 2011

Boom - 'Tis the Season

Holiday decorations at Marion Square
Since I was away for Thanksgiving it feels like I have been drop shipped smack dab into the middle of Christmas. Santa came to Charleston last night and Marion Square is festive with trees decorated by area school children. I went to see the Symphony Gospel Choir last night which always puts me in the holiday spirit and then out for dinner at Leaf Cafe with Yuriy Bekker the Symphony Concert Master - how cool is that? His enthusiasm for his music and the Symphony was so infectious.

Black Santas make me happy :))
How can I? You didn't leave your number?
Ummm....a little sumthin' for the ladies? Heheh.
Waaaa.....I have to go to work tomorrow morning for the first time in over three weeks. Do I remember how to do this routine? Help me.


Lowandslow said...

Haha! You are SO bad. Big ;)


Rick said...

So sorry you have to go to work...

Charlestonjoan said...

Low - :))

Rick - Me too. This is very disorienting. I haven't even driven a car for almost a month.

Rick said...

Wow. The wonders of modren civilization... Guess you're at work now. Me? I sipping cocoa on the front screened porch readin' my Kindle. Hope you have a good day.

chuckography said...

If I had been away that long, I probably couldn't even find my office!

Welcome back. We missed you.

Charlestonjoan said...

Rick - Yeah, yeah, yeah....rub it in. I had to work. :)

Chuckography - It was a little disorienting. I spent the whole day deleting email but at least I remembered my password.