01 November 2011

Play it again, Sam.....I mean Joe

I heart Joe
When I first came to town and had a slightly more Canadian accent than I do now, I was bewildered to hear my co-workers talk about someone named "Maralee" attending so many events. Reporting on weekend activities someone always seemed to say, "Maralee was there!"

It didn't take me too long to figure out that Miss Popularity "Maralee" was actually the Charleston pronunciation of Mayor Riley. Joe Riley was mayor when I arrived and after 36 years of leading Charleston he is running for what he promises to be his last campaign on Tuesday.

I'd love to get the flooding fixed, I'd like to see cruise ships kept manageable, but I have seen Charleston flourish and grow during the time I've lived here while many towns have not. I'm up for giving him four more years. Play it again, Joe.

Get out and vote, kids! Here is link to the State's article: Riley's Last Hurrah

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