27 October 2011

We're stylin'!

Ayoka Lucas & Joan Perry, Charleston, S.C.

Yep - that is Charleston Magazine's style editor Ayoka Lucas in MY house. The most amazing things do happen!  Ayoka was gracious enough to pretend I was actually stylish and checked out all my personal belongings - photos, knick knacks, teapots and shoes. It was the oddest feeling but she made me completely comfortable and apparently will be an item in the January magazine issue. 

Thanks to Ayoka and photographer Leann Cannon for a fun afternoon and new experience!

I've followed Ayoka's career with interest because although most people don't know it, she was briefly a volunteer coordinator herself. Many years ago I took a team on a Day of Caring project to paint and prep the Charleston Children's museum and Ayoka coordinated the activities for the museum's opening. Now she is the style editor for Charleston Magazine and was the one who brought Charleston Fashion Week into being. I had to keep interrupting her interview to learn more about her.