10 October 2011

Through the glass window

Queen St., Charleston, S.C.
Rain, rain and I walked for over an hour in it. My house is for sale. Friends know that although I haven't spoken of it here. It's time for me to find foster parents for my tenants and downsize to something more suitable for the lazy, little old lady I aspire to become.

My house is a quirky Charleston house though and not suitable for everyone so I'll wait for the right person and it's not a bad place to do my waiting. I got an email this morning saying someone wanted to traipse through the house from 5:30 to 6 pm. I was at work of course and couldn't magically and remotely whisk piles of papers away or cram any unfolded laundry back into the dryer. So, I squeaked home just early enough for a fifteen minute spit and polish and then headed out into the rain.

I walked in and out of shops to stay dry, drooled on jackets at Half Moon Outfitters. I turned off East Bay onto Queen and spotted this face looking at me from the RLS Gallery. Ending up at Caviar & Bananas I took advantage of their salad sampler deal and got a tiny dab of almost everything in the deli case to finish putting in my time. There is no sign of anyone being in the house, no agent's card left. My guess is that they cancelled but I'll probably never know.