24 October 2011

Pumpkin Related Search Terms

Pumpkins by Christophe's of Charleston

Wonder what people are googling for today? Check out these recent pumpkin related search terms. Everyone is on a halloween theme!
49 Visits21.49%pumpkin decorating ideas
11 Visits4.82%pumpkin decorating contest
7 Visits3.07%creative pumpkin decorating ideas
6 Visits2.63%ideas for pumpkin decorating contest
6 Visits2.63%pumpkin decorating
6 Visits2.63%pumpkin decorating contest ideas
6 Visits2.63%wadmalaw island
5 Visits2.19%hospital pumpkin decorating ideas
4 Visits1.75%best pumpkin decorating ideas
4 Visits1.75%charleston daily photo
4 Visits1.75%decorating a pumpkin for a hospital laboratory
4 Visits1.75%pumpkins decorating
3 Visits1.32%charleston waterfront park
3 Visits1.32%early childhood pumpkin decorations
3 Visits1.32%joan perry charleston
3 Visits1.32%kid pumpkin decorating ideas
3 Visits1.32%strawberry chapel
2 Visits0.88%2010 pumpkin decorating contest winners
2 Visits0.88%charleston garden window boxes
2 Visits0.88%crazy pumpkin decorate


Anonymous said...

I saw you and other Charleston-related items in that list. They need to fire their cataloger!
(the anonymous librarian)

Charlestonjoan said...

It is amazing! Almost all my google hits are pumpkin related right now.