20 October 2011

Congrats! It's a kidney!

Charleston, S.C.
Quick photo for you this evening of one of the grandest houses on the peninsula, and then I am off to my bed. It's been a long but exciting day. A long time ago one of my gentlemen volunteers confided that he was waiting and hoping for a kidney transplant but would be dropped off the list if he didn't have a local support person. I couldn't let that happen! We rallied a little gang of support peeps and after waiting for three years he called me bright and early this morning and our network kicked into action.

All went well. After a long day of tests and cross matching, he went into surgery this afternoon. Everyone has assumed I am his wife and I didn't correct them. I've been text messaging his daughter in Washington all day long with progress reports. I just asked to sneak into the recovery room to see him and now I think we can all get some sleep.

All good news so far. How exciting! Thank you, thank you to the medical magicians at MUSC for their caring and skill today.                                      


Lowandslow said...

What a fantastic story! You and your group saved a life. Literally. :)


Anonymous said...

From now on, I'm calling you "St. Joan". That's all.

- Marcheline

Jack said...

Excellent, Saint Joan.