07 October 2011

Apple Store Window

Apple Store Window, King St., Charleston, S.C.
He accomplished so much with the time he was given. It makes me feel like a bit of a slacker.


Gunn said...

I like the way they have done this.

brattcat said...

love the video!

Beach Bum said...

You got to figure in a "better world" where politics wasn't dominated by narcissistic ideologues intelligent and innovative people like Steve Jobs would run for elected office.

Charlestonjoan said...

Gunn - yes, nice statement.

brattcat - isn't it grand! Thank you.

Beach Bum. True, true, true. Hey! I see you are up for a blogging award. Well deserved.

Marcheline said...

Some people accomplish things in the penthouse where the world can see it, and some accomplish things on the ground where the regular people live. You have done more on the ground than Mr. Jobs ever did in the penthouse. I know those kids drinking clean water in Africa would agree.