18 August 2011

Wheeling & dealing in vestments

Charleston, S.C.

I've been wheelin' & dealin' in vestments.

My friend Andre is also a Deacon at Christ our King in Mt. Pleasant. He had three huge boxes of beautiful vestments and robes that the Church wasn't using. We couldn't bear to get rid of them so I put my thinking cap on. I called Molly Green at Water Missions International knowing they regularly shipped containers of water purification systems to third world countries connected through the Episcopal Church. Bingo! We made the transfer today and these lovely items will be a happy surprise for little churches all over the world.

I admit. I did contemplate holding back a couple of robes in case I ever felt the urge to impersonate a priest. Hmmmmm. Did I or didn't I? Bless you, my child.

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