22 August 2011

There is a new blogging posse in town!

2006 Blogger Meet Up, Charleston, S.C.

Back in Ye Olde Early Age of Blogging we were a motley crew of writers, newspaper editors, photographers, actresses, technology folks and scientists. It was wonderful for me because it took me out of my usual familiar healthcare circle and shook me up with a new and fascinating cast of characters.

Dan Conover from Xark was working at the Post & Courier at that time and made contact with some of us individually. We had a first gathering of lowcountry bloggers meet up on the patio of the Riverview restaurant overlooking the Charleston harbor in 2006 to sniff each other out and put faces to writers we already knew so much about from their writing. Bloggers gathered outside to pose for a photo op on the pretty blue mustang – the only car with a blog of it’s own - Mustang Rolling.

Dan recruited many of us to be in his zombie film Brunch of the Living Dead and I finally did something that made my children proud. Many of the friendships last to this day. Heather developed the Home Ec101 blog into a book, Gene Glave turned her blog into a one women play and sadly passed away this summer, Chuck keeps us current with the music scene, Kelly Love Johnson moved to Austin and Jared is still our weather guru. The scientist moved out of the Airstream, the artist packed up her camper but is still painting and Vera still knits at every event. Eugene kills me with his Friday dinner pictures and the Kittens are still skipping on the keyboard. Notoriously Nice Mike the first lowcountry blogger I met, is mostly nice on Facebook now.

Blogging ranks thinned out after members moved to Twitter and meet-ups became “tweet ups” or Social Media meetings. With the instant reactions people got from Twitter, later Facebook and now Google +, it seemed like blogging might disappear.

Apparently not! The first recent flurry of new activity were folks like Doug and Susie who had moved to the lowcounty and LOVED it. They posted pictures of the lowcountry sights they were discovering and featured meals at local restaurants.

Now there is a new blogging posse in town! They are young, they are stylish, they work out, cook, they almost all seem to be blonde and every one of them is drop dead gorgeous. Wowza. Check out this picture from a recent blog meet up.

Welcome to lowcounty blogland, ladies! I've been scrambling to add newcomers I discover to my Lowcountry Blog side bar. Holler if I've missed you.

Hmmmm. I feel like a Bloggy Matriarch.