29 August 2011

Home Sweet Home

King St., Charleston, S.C.

Nothing makes a house a home like a plant in the window. Cute, eh?! It was a piece of a large graffiti wall in an alley on King St. just below Spring. Here is the larger view in case anyone wants it.

In other news, Charleston Magazine is asking for votes for their annual Giving Back Non Profit Award but you don't have much time before votes are tallied on Wednesday at midnight. Vote for your favorite lowcountry charity here: Giving Back Awards. There are so many good charities listed I was torn and am happy that five of them will be featured. I love Windwood Farms, the Hemangioma Treatment Foundation, the Lowcountry Food Bank and many others. I ended up voting for the Ryan White Foundation because I process their volunteers and see what good work they do on a regular basis. Go support all these good folks!

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Marcheline said...

Thanks for the great new computer wallpaper! 8-)