29 July 2011

Sweet Fridays

King St., Charleston, S.C.

Hustle and bustle on King St. Took this one a few days ago since I've been walking long after dark hoping for a cool breeze. Yikes, it is hot!

There was a another fire in a downtown house this week and a reward has been posted for help catching the suspected arsonist. Makes all of us living in these big old wooden houses a little nervous. From what I hear from my bedroom window, there are enough people out on our streets all night - let's catch this person and let him/her know how we feel about this.

I formally ended my work week by seeing Midnight in Paris at the Terrace Theater and then a snackie at the little cafe next door and I still got home in time for a late walk.

So far the weekend is off to a great start. Whatcha all got up your sleeves?