07 July 2011

Gene Glave - a sad loss

Gene Glave, Charleston, S.C.

Lights burned a little dimmer at Roper St. Francis Healthcare yesterday afternoon when we learned our darling Gene lost her battle with cancer. She passed away, fittingly on a Wednesday when coworkers regularly showed support by dressing in pink in her honor.

I got to know Gene best years ago after she happened to google her name and found sweet things I had said about her on my blog. I'd gather a happy gang of groupies to go to her theatrical performances. Going through the series of pictures I have of her wearing pink wigs, dancing, dressed in costumes, hugging people, I can at least say that we knew we had a treasure when we had her. She was appreciated, loved and supported by everyone who knew her, every day.

In true Gene style, she left a status update message on her Facebook status profile. Pediatric nurse, actress, blogger, dog lover, dragonboat paddler, character extraordinaire and best friend to so many she is going to be missed.

Hello everyone... I wanted to take a moment to talk about life, the greatest of journeys. You have all brought so much enrichment, meaning, love, and light to my life, and to share your laughter, your tears, your joys and frustrations has been a blessing and a privilege to me beyond any measure of thanks in words.

I have gone on ahead now in this journey of life but what I carry is a celebration of our friendships, camaraderie, and love. You can rest assured that we will meet again and until that time I will be watching over and sending my love to each and every one of you. The greatest success in life can simply be measured by how we treat each other along the way and I have been overwhelmed by your selflessness, your caring, your heartfelt love and concern.

I love each and every one of you beyond measure. May God nurture and keep you, and may you keep each other until we meet again ;-) ALL MY LOVE AND THANKS !!! Gene