16 June 2011

SCRUBS Camp 2011

My baby health care providers are ready to graduate tomorrow afternoon. This is pretty much all I've done this week but it's been good. Whew. Deep breath! Today was a highlight with visits to the Operating Room and a ride in the ambulance. They have a graduation ceremony with parents and the CEO Friday afternoon. Fun.

I owe huge debts of gratitude to everyone who helped me pull this off! Picture me blowing kisses!


Kate said...

The video is splendid; congratulate the people responsible for creating and designing it. The fresh young happy faces of the students are beautiful to behold. It must have been a meaningful week for them!!

Windviel said...

What a delightful production. It was smooth, well paced and certainly presents the young people as interested and hopeful. It is encouraging on several levels.

brattcat said...

Such an inspiring video. It looks like we've got many up and coming caring, thoughtful, talented health care providers as a result of this excellent program.

Charlestonjoan said...

Kate - Thank you! I come home every night and add photos to the slideshow so it will be ready for graduation. It was a big hit with the parents.

Windviel - Thank you!

brattcat - it's always rewarding to catch kids when they are excited to learn something.