14 June 2011

SCRUBS Camp 2011

SCRUBS Camp 2011

This is my week! This is the gang at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital. Another group of twenty two are at Roper Hospital. Up and at 'em kids!


brattcat said...

They look totally ready to make the most of their time with you!

Kate said...

They will keep you busy; looks like an energetic group!

Anonymous said...

Think of all the sick people they will help now and in the future!
Birthday regards from EAGAN daily photo

Lowandslow said...

All careers start somewhere. You're making a huge difference. :)


Anonymous said...

They look so young!!!! Hey - isn't that a sign I am beginning to errrmmm get old-er???

Charlestonjoan said...

bratttcat - I hope so!

Kate - I dread the thought of even twenty minutes of unstructured time. I've done a lot of coordinating for this week!

Anon - That's the plan!

Lowandslow - They do come back to work with us. I already see it. Nice.

maggsworld - this gang for the camp is young. They are 13 - 15.