25 June 2011

Ocean View

James Island, S.C.

I gave my brother a break from painting and took him to the ocean.

We went to see Super 8 at the Terrace Theater. I didn't realize I was going to an alien monster movie. I read the first part of the review and assumed it was all about Super 8 film. It was actually a fun movie although unexpected.

The Terrace Theater is breeding baby theaters. Behind every door another movie is playing. They now have four separate little theaters. This afternoon we were in theater two where you exit facing the menu from Zias. It isn't a bad evening so we sat outside and enjoyed the cooler break.

This bit of graffiti is in the back parking lot at the Terrace Theater.


Pamela said...

I thought it was about Super 8 film, also! Thanks for the warning!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for 'On Demand,' on Comcast Cable... lol, I don't 'do' movies much these days...

Charlestonjoan said...

Pamela - It is about kids making a movie on Super 8, then it turns into an alien monster action film.

Madge - I love going to movies. A movie at home for me is just a good nap ;)