20 June 2011

Lowcountry Live

Lowcountry Live, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

I started my day appearing with my CEO Allen Carroll on the Lowcountry Live show this morning. We went on to promote the American Heart Association in general but our hiker/biker challenge in particular. On Friday morning Allen Carroll will ride his bike to work at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital (about 35 miles) while I walk to work from Roper Hospital downtown (about 8 miles). Naturally we picked the hottest week of the year so far to do it. Whew.

People have been handing me cash in the hallway! Between you generous online donors and cash donations we have raised over $800 for this good cause just by getting to work. Nice! Here is the donation link: Hiker/Biker Challenge. I am personally enjoying the fact that I have raised more money than my CEO and I have some of you to thank for it! Wooohoo!

Happy Hour at O'Charley's to follow. I hope early afternoon. I'm going to need to find a shower, some clean clothes and a ride home.


chuckography said...

Hmmm, riding on the handlebars perhaps?

Jack said...

Good for both of you. The employees are probably proud that their CEO and you are committed personally to health and fitness.

Charlestonjoan said...

chuckography - not a bad idea! Hwy 61 is not the most attractive route.

Jack - that you. We are proud of him and happy to see him back at work and healed.