28 May 2011

Let the Festival begin!

Customs House, Charleston, S.C.

I always miss the opening events but took advantage of the cheap tickets last night (free!) and detoured my evening walk to listen to the symphony and watch ballet at the foot of the Customs House. What a glorious evening. We could hear thunder but it didn't rain. On the way home I stood for a while and listened to the concert at the College of Charleston cistern. Spoleto Festival has arrived! Get your tickets here.

Someone called my name out and waved from a car on George St. and happily she left a comment leading me to this amazing set of pictures from the Family Circle tennis mixed doubles match in April. You must go see these pictures. Wowza! They are amazing. What a lucky find.

Okay kids - go have a great day. I need to make potato salad for a get together tomorrow and go to a 60th anniversary party this afternoon.