08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day Ladies!

Thomas St., Charleston, S.C.

Happy Mother's Day ladies! I took this photo on Mother's Day years ago around the corner from my house but I imagined the lady of the house in bed waiting for someone to bring her up the flowers and newspapers with her breakfast.

The Shoebox Blog - which always cracks me up, has: Advice From Their Moms

NEIL ARMSTRONG: “Take a jacket. It gets chilly up there on the moon at night.”

GEORGE CUSTER: “Wear clean underwear, just in case you have to get treated for sudden arrow holes.”

BARACK OBAMA: “Keep that birth certificate in a safe place. You never know when you might need it.”

LADY GODIVA: “Leave it long.”

COLUMBUS: “Sit down. Your friends can wait until you finish your geography.”

Unfortunately, my kids are out of town and I have to clean up and paint an apartment for a new tenant. Blah. Scrubbing a toilet and spackling nail holes are not my preferred way to celebrate.