17 May 2011

Happy Birthday Florence!

Florence Nightingale, Sock Monkey, Charleston, S.C.

Blog statistics tell me that one of the most frequently search terms leading folks to Charleston Daily Photo is "Dr. Sock Monkey". Ha! That makes me very proud.

To even things out we had Florence Nightingale pose in front of the hospital for her official birthday portrait last week during Nurses Week. Now I can welcome visitors looking for Nurse Sock Monkey as well.


  1. I think she's had some work done on those lips...

  2. She's lovely. Her mother was in one of may favorite movies from way back....remember Hot Lips Houlihan in the original MASH? :)


  3. brattcat - no comment. ;)

    lowandslow - I do! Good catch!

  4. She is precious.

  5. bfarr - we actually made her dress based on the historic nursing costumes at our hospital and she wear a vintage nursing school pin. We presented her to our VP of Nursing last Christmas.


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