27 May 2011

Friday's ball of fluff

Max, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

I've been having problems with blogger and my photo storage site Smugmug lately so just a quick treat for you this morning - this adorable scrap of fluff is Max one of the first pet therapy dogs at the new Mount Pleasant Hospital. Isn't he adorable? Pet therapist Linda Baker gave me permission to make Max our daily photo. He makes me smile just looking at the picture so I imagine he is a perfect therapy dog.

Hang in there kids! One more day to finish all the work on the weeks "to do" list before a long weekend.


  1. If Max won't cheer you up you're hopeless. He's awesome!


  2. What a sweet bundle of fur, and I cannot imagine a better companion if I were sick! Finally, institutions are getting smart; nothing better than an animal for therapy!

  3. Nice looking doggy. I think it's cool that they allow such to occur. I know there is an agency locally in these parts that certify doggies so they can be taken into hospitals and such to visit with patients.

  4. Awww, thanks for sharing him with us.

  5. So cute, eh! There was this little scrap of fur and a darling yellow lab named Molly.


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