14 May 2011

Dragon Boat Races are Coming to Town!

Dragon Boat Charleston, S.C.

This event is a phenomena, I tell ya - kids, tents, costumes, picnics, good looking men in Viking helmets, cancer survivors, athletes, so many friends! The whole thing is amazing. Congratulations to the organizers, paddlers and winners. More here.


  1. We have annual Dragon Boat races and regular teams in Sydney as well...we have water everywhere.

  2. Looks like a joyful time. I've been reading about your area recently, trying to learn more for a future visit.

  3. maggsworld - it is an amazing success. People had to raise quite a bit of money to participate.

    Kate - Everyone comes to Charleston sooner or later!

  4. Great pics Joan! We too have dragon boat races and they are great fun and as you say its a great way to raise money.


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