24 April 2011

Sunday Night Hodge Podge

Legare St., Charleston, S.C.

Silly things I may need: Silicone Ice Ball Maker.

I discovered a couple of lowcountry bloggers. Stop by and say hello to:

Soak & Simmer
: Sun, food, water, and sun. From the bluegrass to the lowcountry.

Charm of Charleston
: Charleston, South Carolina – from Sand to Sandwiches

Dining Around Charleston: Exploring the Holy City's Hidden Gems

I was so excited to learn that the new Boeing plant in North Charleston will cover it's roof with solar panels and will be entirely powered with renewable energy. Thanks Boeing!

Photographer Jeffery Stoner made a recent trip to the lowcountry and added some photos to his gallery: Jeffrey Stoner Fine Art Photography

The garden photos were taken through a gate on Legare St. Thanks to all of you who send me ideas for photos and emails responding to something I've mentioned. I love hearing from you. Forgive me for not always responding immediately.

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