06 April 2011

Eat Your Way to Enlightenment

Roti Rolls, SC Aquarium, Charleston, S.C.

I didn't catch what was written on his shirt until I looked at the photo. I did in fact, enjoy eating myself to enlightenment and for a good cause this evening. I just got back from the Japan fundraising event at the SC Aquarium. What a perfect place for a party. Sadly they locked me out of the otter room but other than that it was a pleasant evening and I hope they made a lot of money for the cause.
Restaurants throughout the Lowcountry will delight your tastebuds with their spin on Japanese cuisine. If you were planning on donating money to aid in Japan, now is our opportunity to come together as a community and make a difference. Enjoy an evening of musical entertainment, delicious and unique food and beverages, while surrounded by the beauty of the South Carolina Aquarium.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored and donated to the cause. There was even a Japanese story teller to entertain us.