16 March 2011

Save the Crabs!

Spring St., Charleston, S.C.

I left work early to go to a funeral (sniff) at Pinecrest Baptist Church and then had to find chocolate gold coins for a Leprechaun to hand out tomorrow. I tracked them down at World Market along with a little tiny marzipan treat that didn't last until I got to the car.

Today's picture used to be on the side of the building at King and Spring St. Oddly, although the building is in the same state of disrepair and remains the faded pink color, someone painted a big blank square over the crab mural. Why, huh? Why? Inquiring minds want to know. Save the crabs!

I am home early enough to walk while it is still light which is a treat. Would it be so terrible to end an exercise walk at Five Loaves Cafe?