05 February 2011

Wet Saturdays

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

It's been a wet and drippy day in the Lowcountry and I left the house for the first time this evening to walk down to Grill 225 with my friend Debby who noticed they were dragging on their special restaurant week deals for an extra week. My belief is that if you walk to and from a dinner then you don't have to worry about the calories. Right? I'd never eaten there before and it was delicious. Long live Restaurant Week!

My big news is that I bought a new computer and a new router and I am so happy I can't stand it. I keep clicking just to enjoy the speed. I've been replacing bits and pieces for so long it is wonderful to have everything zipping along as advertised. My, my, my. I may be up all night surfing the web just because I can. I need to get some photo editing software lined up and I will be as pleased as can be. It was long overdue. Isn't it grand when things do what they are supposed to?