07 February 2011

Vote for Charles Towne Landing today!

Charles Towne Landing, Charleston, S.C.

I got a note from Cicek Beeby, (love that name!) Archaeologist at Charles Towne Landing asking that we spread the word about the work they are doing with research and preservation. I should have jumped on it right away because I love Charles Towne Landing.

There is a contest on the Archeological Institute of Americas website and we have a chance to promote the work they are doing. Tomorrow is the deadline and Charleston is slipping behind. You can vote once a day by going to the website and and cast a vote today and tomorrow. No registration necessary just a simple click of the mouse.
Hi Joan,

I follow your wonderful blog about Charleston. I am an archaeologist at Charles Towne Landing and I work with a lot of volunteers too. We are now competing in a public outreach contest on the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) website. We want to use this opportunity to get the word out there and promote our research and preservation efforts. Since you are a lover of everything Charleston, can I invite you to take a look at the contest website and vote for us? Perhaps you can even share it with your friends through your blog? We need votes :)

The link is: http://archaeological.org/outreach/contest/submissions You can vote every day (but only once a day) until February 8th.

Thanks so much. And feel free to look me up next time you are at CTL.
Cicek Beeby
Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site
1500 Old Towne Road