01 February 2011

Trailing through Tuesday

Thomas St., Charleston, S.C.

These folks probably think I am spying on them, I am so tempted to take a picture every time I pass their home. I try to be discreet and then, CLICK!

What a crazy day. Weirdness abounds, my friends. It's too bad I can't talk about work stuff here since I work in a hospital or this wouldn't primarily be a photo blog. Sometimes I do have to bite my tongue not to talk about my day.

I am going up to Hanahan to pick up my little canoe shortly. It's time for my sweet baby to come home.

Here is a new blog for my stylish friends to check out: I Like What You're Wearing. Oddly, I am not featured. Heheh. Do you think it is my ratty, scuffed "dansko shoes for life"?