15 February 2011

My Dream Camera Bag

This would solve a lot! Wowza! I wouldn't end up wearing a black backpack at an evening event that I hoped to sneak a few photos at. Very cool.

Sadly it is $320 worth of coolness so not in this week's budget but definitely on the master list. Check out ona bags for their other stylish camera bags.

Thanks to your kind comments I now am aware of some other dream camera bags:

Lola from epiphanie bags. They have a couple of versions but I'll take the Lola in black. Thanks.

From Jo-Toese, here is another sweetie: Rose. Nice!


  1. Very nice. You definitely need one. For me....my little Canon fits in my pocket. "Travel light and freeze at night" is my motto.


  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    That would be nice for you to have.Happy Birthday to self, maybe??? Sally

  3. Have you heard of Jo Totes?
    They are just as adorable & more affordable. I am really liking the Rose "Moss." When she stocks them they go quick, but black ones are still available. Hello by the way, I think this is my first time to comment.

  4. Oh, I am likin' that bag a lot!

  5. brattcat - exactly!

    lowandslow - I end up carrying a black back pack. Not so attractive when it is a nice place.

    Anon - A little more that I usually treat myself :)

    Jeny - Hey - they are nice too! Considerably cheaper. Thank you!

    Suzie - Me too. Me too. Keep coming back to it.

  6. Love that bag, but it's a little rich for my blood.

  7. That's whay i don't have it yet ;)

  8. here's another camera bag for women: http://www.epiphaniebags.com/#/home/
    some are really colorful and not as many $$'s. i found them at this site:

  9. marcia! I love the lola one! Thank you!

  10. As Austin Powers once said, "It's definitely your bag, baby."

    I'm yearning for a Canon Rebel - don't care if I have a bag or not.


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