22 February 2011

Meet your future Neurosurgeon

SCRUBS "U", Charleston, S.C.

Meet your future Neurosurgeons. If I ever need brain surgery, and odds are I might - I should know the right people! This particular career session was held by special request by students who had an interest in neurosurgery. There is nothing, I tell ya, nothing, as much fun as teaching people who are excited about learning.

Thanks to the operating room staff at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital for a most excellent evening.

FYI: If you know a student between the ages of 13 - 15, who is a blood thirsty health-care-working wanna be, do suggest that they consider applying to the SCRUBS summer camp. Application packets available by calling 402-2273.


  1. Joan, as a BSSF employee, it makes me proud that we administer a program like this. As you know, areas of study in health care are all very difficult programs. And if these youngsters eventually end up in one of the programs they will have the practical, hands-on experiences they have obtained through Scrubs to motivate them to tough it out. Good work, not only on your blog, but also on the work you do at BSSF.

  2. Doug - First of all - aren't you proud of me for not blogging or responding to comments while I am at work? Aaahh...such self discipline!

    The SCRUBS program is so very, very cool. We have won national awards for it and other hospitals base their programs on what we are doing. We have a growing number of employees now who started in my office in the SCRUBS program. The Pharmacy has done a very successful evening session for us in the past and I know will do one again. I'd love you to participate!


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