08 February 2011

Hearty, har, har...

Hadrian's Wall, U.K.

A couple of years ago I set off with my friend Pat and her sister Kathie to hike across England from coast to coast following the excavation of Emperor Hadrian's wall. We walked just under 100 miles through gorgeous countryside, opening and closing at least that many pasture gates, dodging cows, stepping in sheep dung, exploring stone ruins, chapels and collapsing into big soft beds in beautiful old bed & breakfast inns at the end of the day.

I had my eye out for heart shapes on that trip and found them everywhere. The top one was on a door where we stayed on a working dairy farm. The photo below was outside the little shop where I bought my Roman hiking helmet. I was walking a Roman wall after all!

More photos of that hike in this album: Hadrian's Wall Hike