20 February 2011

Breakfast with the family

Charleston, S.C.

I can spend weekends with family even when they are thousands of miles away. Thanks to my brother Roger and Kathy Perry for the cool teapot and mug. It is my favorite mug and I love the teapot!


  1. What a beautiful still life this makes.

  2. We just bought a tea pot much like yours - a good reminder for treat time this Sunday afternoon during our HUGE snow blizzard happening over here right now! No scones or treats with your tea??
    Cheerio from EAGAN daily photo

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    My mug from Rog and Kathy is "my favourite too" Sally

  4. brattcat - That's what I thought!

    leif - toast. I had toast and oranges for breakfast and the light looked so pretty on the tea pot I had to grab a shot.

    Sally - they are nice and big!

  5. Isn't that the truth. I share some similar connections with my siblings, one in West Virginia and one in Chicago. Our homes are full of common items, various fixtures, pictures and such. They serve as everyday reminders that we are together, yet over the miles. Thanks.


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