06 January 2011

Walking Speed Predicts Life Expectancy

Warren St., Charleston, S.C.

How fast you walk may predict life expectancy. Now, here is a study I like!

I've always walked fast because I walked to actually get somewhere. It sounds like a "grumpy old man" story but I really did walk three miles each way to high school. We took short cuts through the woods and climbed hills and were still faster than the pokey bus route.

I don't know how to amble or stroll. You need to tie a rope around my belly and hold me back if you plan on a lazy walk with me. One of the hardest things about having small children and toddlers was never being able to take a brisk stride without picking them up and carrying them.

I am always so pleased to find people who match my pace. According to this study, I should live a long time - unless I break a leg first.