25 January 2011

Rain Walking

Norms, Calhoun St., Charleston, S.C.

Uhoh. I nodded off during the President's speech again. Me and speeches. Zzzzzz.

I reported at Ye Olde Crack of Dawn for a long day of leadership training at Trident Technical College this morning and did stay awake. I came home with three pages of doodles and a decorated Styrofoam cup. I have been doodling the same designs since high school. As soon as someone starts speaking I start scribbling. A psychiatrist once saw a page of my chicken scratches and asked if he could have it. Do you think it is framed on his wall as an example of some freaky condition?

I run around during breaks at these sessions and get all kinds of business done. We are such a huge health system - over five thousand now, that most of us never see each other and everything is done by email. Some things are so much easier to quickly agree on face to face. A worthwhile day even if my butt did get numb from sitting all day.

These two pictures will be familiar to anyone who went to college in Charleston. One is the college laundromat and the other a popular pizza/sub stop called Norm's.

G'night kids! There is a lot more to get done this week and I need to get to bed. Y'all stay warm and dry!