25 December 2010

Not a car in sight

Charleston, S.C.

This is a rare sight! Normally I have to worry about cars blocking my driveway but today the street is abandoned. It is so quiet in this college rental part of town it is almost spooky. I've hesitated doing my late night walk the last few evenings because it feels like I am alone in a ghost town.

I cooked what seemed like an extraordinary amount of food for my son and I. Luckily we both love leftovers so I am able to pack him off with food for the week. We just got back from seeing True Grit at the Terrace Theater in a packed theater.

It's been a perfectly nice day but I've had the most fun seeing all the pictures of kiddies excited about Christmas on blogs and Facebook. Enjoy those little rascals while you have them! They grow up and move across the country in a blink of an eye.