26 December 2010

King Street Trolley - Free at Last!

King St., Charleston, S.C.

What fun is snow in Charleston if it doesn't stick on the ground? It's been a wet and slushy day but I had no problem on the road delivering soup and whiskey cake to my buddy who has been coughing for weeks. Then I had to walk down King St. to see if anyone was actually giving anything away instead of bothering to put it on sale. They weren't.

I was looking for a snazzy wide belt since the cheapo ones I've been buying keep breaking or losing themselves. I had my eye on one in a shop the other day and hid it at the back of their rack while I pondered it's worth. I decided to go back and buy it to find out they had sold the only one I wanted. Grrr. The sales girls opened bins and drawers and sorted through deep stacks of wide black belts but it was gone, gone, gone. Sigh.

Good news on the trolleys, by the way! They are free now. So, if I had bought a wide black belt and it was too heavy to carry home I could have hopped on for a free trolley ride home. Very nice! Thanks to the City of Charleston, SC Ports Authority, and the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau for pulling this off. Here is the scoop from The Digitel and a map of the free routes. All aboard!