19 October 2010

Saving the Girl Scout Camp

Richmond Plantation. Photo by Pamela

My friend Larry and his wife have been putting hours of manual labor into cleaning up and restoring the old Lowcounty Girl Scout Camp - Richmond Plantation. He is hoping we will help them get a $250,000 grant from Pepsi by voting for the project. Larry writes:
It is a great facility that provides a wonderful experience for Girl Scouts of all ages. It is in dire need of repair. Many volunteers, including my wife and I, have put in hours of effort to clean gutters, the interior of the manor house, the cemetery, and the grounds in general. Money is needed for repair to the historic buildings and roads. Pepsi Cola will provide grants to the top two vote getters in each category and it is a site where you can vote each day during the month. If we don't reach one of the top two spots then, being in the top 100 in this category will roll us to the next month for consideration so we can try again.

I hope you will consider voting for this worthy project, and, on a daily basis if you find time. I ask that you also inform your friends who might also be willing to vote for this grant that would benefit girls in our area. You can go to the site to register and cast your vote here.

On the web site you can see photos of the site and an explanation of how the money would be used to improve the facility. There are also comments from people around the country that are voting for the project. We're currently ranked at 67th and every vote helps us move up. Thanks and I hope you find this to be another cause worthy of your attention.

I think we can help with this, don't you? Make the link a favorite and let's start voting!

I've seen the sign but have never been in so I touched base with blog friend Pamela who has a great set of photos of Richmond Plantation on flickr. What a cool place! I grabbed one of her photos for this post but look at them all. I'd be happy to be part of saving this neat property.