23 October 2010

Love my weekends, I do

King St., Charleston, S.C.

What a lovely sunny day! Everyone is outside. Girls in bathing suits are laying in Marion Square, I had to dodge boys carrying surf boards on King Street and hop over skateboards laying on the sidewalks.

I've been invited to a cookout this evening and slipped up and offered to make dessert. What was I thinking? My day to day life at home is so simple now, I barely cook anymore and my oven hasn't been turned on all summer.

My policy is not to skimp with dessert so I experimented with a Tres Leche Cake and I've tried this one from Coastal Living magazine: Tres Leches Boston Cream Cake. Wowza! You can't really go wrong with condensed milk, can you?

In the good news category, the students who rent behind my house played a prank today and saran wrapped a car. I could hear them laughing and taking pictures. Definitely an improvement from last year's crop who liked to break through my fence and vandalize my yard. This is good!