12 October 2010

I'm a friend of a friend of the Bishop

NIAF Columbus Day Reception, Harbor Club, Charleston, S.C.

I may have been the only Protestant raised Canadian born guest at the National Italian American Foundation's Columbus Day reception honoring South Carolina Bishop Robert Guglielmone! I got a kick out of going from photographing the Beach Boys on Sunday to the Bishop on Monday. Variety!

Bishop Guglielmone was being honored for his work with the Boy Scouts and Lindsay Raiford from West Ashley High School was awarded a scholarship for $5,000. It was a great group of people and the Italian buffet was delicious. I kept going back to the marinated artichoke hearts and mushrooms and stocked up on the gelato bar for my walk home. Yum!

As I was waiting for the award photo op I heard a familiar whirring sound and was surprised to see that the main photographer for the event was rewinding his film. He said he had perfectly good film cameras and hadn't seen a reason to buy a new one yet. As I watched him fumbling with film rolls and unable to check his shots it made me realize again how happy I am to live in the age of digital cameras.