25 September 2010

Start! Lowcountry Heart Walk - 2010

Start! Lowcountry Heart Walk, Charleston, S.C.

A few of my closest friends got up bright and early and joined me at the Heart Walk this morning. Whew...it got a little warm out there but everyone seemed to be having a great time. Adorable kids, dogs, Zumba warm up (thanks Prisca!) and I heard there was even a goat!

More photos here.

We had 695 walkers registered on our team and last I checked, had raised over $52,000 for the American heart Association. Good stuff, kids. I am so very proud of my gang of pirates. We stormed the city in style! Thanks everyone!


  1. Judging by your photos, no zombies turned out for this otherwise-wonderful event. What a disappointment! Zombies are great givers to charity, you know....

  2. Not this time. Pirates - plundering for philanthropy! Aaargh.

  3. Amazing how these big events all come together.

  4. I dunno, Mr. Scribbler.... that one in the middle with the big eyes and the pointy ears? Definite zombie.

  5. Oh Lord I'm still a Trek geek, I read "pointy ears" and I quickly went back to the picture asking myself how I missed Spock in the crowd.


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